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LookiTV.com - A Division of LookiNetwork.com
LookiTV is a Live Broadcast or "NetCast." It's like "TV on PC." It's Netcasted right from your webcam to PC and mobile devices around the world. This is a new innovative way to communicate.

Lights, Camera, Action - Live from your Desktop. All you need is a webcam and microphone. The video and audio quality is unbeliveable. This is the newest media-marketing tool to come along. You've gotta try it!
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LookiTV is a FREE Service. It's an E-Z auto download to initialize the signal. There are no connections or special adapters – it's instantly viewed by connecting to a LookiTV Live Channel from our LookiTV Directory or a Prerecorded Show from our Search Engine.
A special feature of LookiTV is "Netcast Conferencing"; it enables a caller to instantly video connect to the LookiTV Moderator so all viewers can See the Caller and the Moderator. It has many applications, e.g., a feature that can transform "TALK" Radio into "VID" Radio, because Radio can be simulcasted with LookiTV. Special Note to TV Stations - We can also simulcast TV and LookiTV with this InterActive Video feature.
LookiTV opens up a whole new medium of News and Entertainment. Imagine watching select programs on your computer screen – at the office, in your car or at the airport; wherever there's internet connection, either by wire or Wi-Fi (wireless).
Anyone can use LookiTV to produce any type of live video presentation. You can use it for personal or business use. LookiTV is Free to the Public. The uses for netcasting a live or pre-recorded LookiTV production are unlimited.
LookiTV is Free to use. TV, Radio and Local Netcasts can all be netcasted using LookiTV. We're transforming TV into the NET.It's more than TV by PC because LookiTV is totally Interactive TV.
Millions of people could be watching LookiTV and viewing the callers – that's not done on TV, because TV Talk Show callers don't have Interactive Video. However, LookiTV could be simulcasted with TV and it could become Interactive 2 Way TV.
Perhaps the greatest use will be for Local LookiTV. Every Town in America will have their own Netcast Schedule. You'll see everything from Local Government Meetings, High School Football Games to Public Service Clubs and Talk Shows.
Our software is engineered for low bandwidth consumption and its the Fastest Transmission on the Net. It's also the Best Video and Audio.
You can place our "Live Video Connector" icon on your site (or your website ad) and the user can be instantly video connected to you. It's great for sales. To Learn more about the "Live Video Connector," Click Here.